Musicians: If You Haven’t Tried TikTok Yet, Should You?

YoAre you a musician who has avoided TikTok? Isn’t it just videos of people dancing? Can it really help your music career? In the latest episode, Sheldon and Greg look at TikTok from the perspective of the reluctant musician who really DOESN’T want to use it. We’ll tell you how it works, how to grow on the platform and how Sheldon went viral with a video with 1.5 million views. We may be able to change your mind!u need every little help to market your music right?  What if I told you you could use the world around you to help your music reach a bigger audience.  Welcome to the world of trendjacking.  In today’s show we’ll tell you what it is and give you examples on how you can use it to get people more interested in what you do.

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