Why Your Website Needs To Be The Centre Of Your Music World

Whilst it’s great to have thousands of Facebook followers and Twitter likes you mustn’t lose sight of the fact that Facebook, Twitter and all other social networks are in effect ‘rented space’.  Yes they are free to use but you have to remember you don’t ‘own’ the information about your fans, someone else does and that information is important to you.  We all know that Facebook ‘cripple’ your posts so only a percentage of your followers get to see them so it’s an ineffective form of communication.  And, as anyone who had a MySpace account will tell you, you never know how long these things are going to last for.

Your Own website should be your home base

home icon

You obviously need to engage with your fans on these social channels but the main focus should be to drive fans to content located on your website not on these networks.  You can collect your own fan data from your website via the means of an email mailing list on your site.

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