How To Easily Create Music Videos For YouTube

We saw yesterday compelling reasons why your songs should be uploaded and hosted on YouTube.  Unfortunately, creating any form of YouTube music video normally takes time and effort. I’ve personally found the easiest way to achieve this is to create a ‘cover art’ video.  But how do you create a cover art video?  Well, I’d recommend using a site like Tunes To Tube.

tunes to tube

The marvelous website that is Tune To Tube

Here’s how it works.  Connect tunestotube to your YouTube channel, upload an mp3 and a jpg from your hard drive and tunestotube will almost instantly (and I mean instantly) create a 720p  video on your channel.  It’s that simple.  The service is free but if you donate to them you remove watermark which is even better.  Try it out.  Here’s one I prepared earlier.

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