What are YOU doing to get a response from your fans?

Watch this video from comedian Paul Gale (there’s a few ‘F’s in there BTW).  He posits the theory that Starbucks baristas spell people’s names incorrectly in order to illicit a response from its customers.

Which leads us to the today’s topic.  What are YOU doing to illicit a response from your fans?  Is your music so captivating and engaging so that people will lap it up and want to spread the word? Are your videos insanely creative so people want to share them? Are your visuals imaginative and striking so fans won’t hesitate to ‘like’ or retweet? .  Are your social media posts so funny/quirky/downright outrageous that they can’t be contained?

The secret to being ’talked about’ is doing things that will make people talk about you.  Paul Gale made that video that was so spot on…I had to share it!  Do you see how it works? Go find out how YOU could do that.

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