Turning Your Band Into A Brand: Your Band Logo Pt 1

A band logo is one of the most important assets your band will ever own.  You might refresh it every few years or you may even stumble upon a design so iconic it will be with you for the lifetime of your band.

Band logos 'represent' your band and your music.

Band logos ‘represent’ your band and your music.

Your band logo is an icon, a symbol  which ‘represents’ and ‘stands for’  the band. It’s typography and design are be a ‘signifier’ and should correlate to and help visualise your music, your ethos and your mission statement.

It’s also one of the most valuable marketing tools you have in terms of its merchandise potential.

With that in mind, your logo should be a thing of beauty and you shouldn’t skimp on its design or creation.  Your should give it the same amount of care as you would your songs.  If the logo which represents your band is poorly executed that will sends signals your music or your performances are also sub standard.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the things you should consider when creating one.

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