Press Releases: The Format

OK, here’s the layout and the information that needs to go in your press release


  • Date the press release is sent out
  • Contact information: the person the media can call for more information.  Include phone number and email
  • Printed on company or artist/band stationary.  For a word doc, this means you’ll need to place your logo into the header of your Word Doc.
  • One page only.  Not two pages, one.

Tomorrow, we’ll put a bit more flesh on the bones however remember that the media need:

  • News or announcements that are relevant to THEIR target audience (which might not be the same as yours).
  • Deadlines met for their calendars and event listings (send stuff weeks in advance, not at the last minute).
  • Event or information which is in the proximity to their coverage area.

If the info in your press release doesn’t meet this criteria, don’t send it to them!

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