How To Influence Your Followers on Social Media

If you are struggling getting your fans to engage with your social media posts here’s a great article from Kevin Shively at  The article says you should try some copywriting tactics to try and evoke some emotion in your fans. The idea being that the emotion creates a response, which in turn creates an action (clicking the link etc).

The tactic is about understanding a problem, finding a solution and evoking emotion whilst you do it.


Using this formula simply posting “Have you all seen my latest video?” and then including a link to a YouTube video could be improved.  Perhaps we could phrase it a little better. How about this:

Are you bored?  Don’t you wish you could listen to a killer tune that will fire you up more than a case of Red Bull?  If so, watch THIS! <<LINK>>


The text will vary of course depending on the overall marketing tone for your brand. but you definately check out the full article here