How To Plug Your Music Without Boring Your Fans

If you are a musician this blog is about what to do and what NOT to do when marketing your music. I’m forever seeing soulless and constant links by bands to their iTunes releases like the one below.

Don't advertise your music by basic, soulless links.

Don’t advertise your music on social media using basic, soulless links like this.

This link has no accompanying text and nothing to make we mat to click any further .  It’s dull, thoughtless and fans won’t really engage with it .  Ultimately it’s an ineffective way to market your music.

Here’s something I spotted on the official Queen facebook page.  It’s some (now vintage) handwritten lyrics for a song on one of their latest collections.

This is a good way to promote a sales link on social media.

This is a good way to promote a sales link on social media.

It’s visual, it’s genuinely interesting for the fans so it will engage them and provide a logical ‘link’ to the music rather than a naked, blatant plug.  Even though it’s an advert, it feels natural .

So, rather than just placing links to your catalogue, accompany it with something visual which relates to the music in question.  Hand written lyrics or a picture from from the studio sessions of will work better than the cold, hard sell.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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