Ways To Build Bigger Relationships With Fans

The current artist paradigm is as follows: Engage people to become your fans and then engage those fans to become ‘superfans’, the idea being that superfans are prepared to give you lots of money for what you do.

Increasing your engagement should be a top priority.

Increasing your engagement should be a top priority.

Tyler Allen over at Sonicbids has written an article which gives you some ideas and activities to help with that engagement.   You should read the post in full but here are the main points:

1) Show loyalty to your fans. Maybe start a fan community and give them access to unique stuff.

2) Hold listening parties.  Hold exclusive playback events for new material.

3) Record video logs of work in progress.

4) Play house concerts and gigs in more intimate places.

5) Always interact and respond on your social networks.

Read the article in full here


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