My Album Release Diary: What Did The Pluggers Say?

So, I’m recovering from two solid days in the studio but I’ve finally had a response from the pluggers I sent an enquiry to about pushing our ‘single’. The reason for the delay was that unsolicited emails aren’t read until the end of the week, fair enough I suppose.

Pluggers, they put your music right under the noses of the people who need it at radio.

Pluggers, they put your music right under the noses of the people who need it at radio.

What was their response? They loved it! The track in question is a comedy record and they thought it was very funny, always good to know that people outside our ‘circle’ get the humour and intention of our material . But (and there’s always a but) they won’t take us on as part of their client roster. Why?  Well, they say that as our the song lampoons the lead singer of a band, stations who play the music of said band (which would be the exact stations we are targeting!) won’t risk offending the artist in question. They were positive about the track overall and quite helpfully provided some good advice regarding other non album specific leads and suggestions for future lines of enquiry.

So, it looks like I won’t be using pluggers for this release, at least that’s some money saved to be ploughed elsewhere into other areas. I’ve known from previous experiences that radio isn’t our ‘medium’ of discovery (it’s YouTube) so I’m not that downhearted to be honest. Importantly for me, I’ve had affirmation that the music ‘works’ and hopefully once it is released ‘in the wild’ on YouTube we can bypass the ‘gatekeepers’ of radio and let is spread ‘naturally. That said, I’ll still try and send selected people the single, I’m a little more confident and buoyed about how our stuff will be perceived by DJs and stations who already know us.

Now, to research a few more stations/producers.

Further Reading re radio play (in the UK)

Still To Do

I’ve got Pro Tools sessions for 4-5 tracks which I’ll have to finish/mix at home.
Two more days in the studio for final touches.
Think about the lyric video…THEN the actual video.


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