Marketing Idea: Release a Split 7 Inch Single

I recently saw a post form a fanzine reporting two local bands releasing a split 7 inch single (each band having a track on either side).

Vinyl.  Still a collectible, tangible, 'cool' music product.

Vinyl. Still a collectible, tangible, ‘cool’ music product.

This is obviously a practice which had its inception many decades ago however I thought that in the current music climate this is a great thing to do.

  • With the cachet of vinyl still riding high, a vinyl release could be a ‘newsworthy’ story for your music. 
  • Two artists contributing means that you have twice the marketing potential for the release (assuming that both parties promote the release with equal gusto).
  • You can introduce your music to the fans of the band who share the release.

It halves your manufacturing costs too.  It’s worth a think!

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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