Three Reasons To Use Targeting On Your Facebook Posts

Not many people bother with the targeting feature on their Facebook posts and if they don’t they’re missing out on an important marketing tool.  See that ‘crosshairs’ in the box when you post on Facebook.

The 'targeting' tool and its options.

The ‘targeting’ tool and its options.

With it you can filter and target so that just a selection of your existing fans on Facebook see your posts.  Filtering is based on certain criteria such as gender, age, location etc.  Here are a couple of instances where it can be useful for bands.

Location.  This is the most important for me.  I’m forever seeing Facebook posts from bands that are reminding me of gigs that are in cities hundreds of miles away.  It’s a better idea to use the Location filter and geographically target those posts to people who live in and around that gig’s location (20 miles should do it) so that they will see your post but no one else will.

Gender. Ladies tshirt sales are always a little slower than men’s in my band so you can run a special promo or feature on your ladies range of merchandise and just get it targeted just to the female fans.

Interests. If you have a song about a particular topic or interest (it could be beer, fishing…rock climbing…anything) you can target and post that song and only your fans who have this interest will see it.  Perhaps you’ve written a song about Manchester United and don’t want to annoy rival supporters…well now you can target only to United fans.  It’s a neat trick.

Takeaway Tip: By targeting your posts in this way your post reach may be smaller, but the percentage of people who respond should be higher.

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