Podcasting For Musicians Part 5 – Polishing Your Podcast

OK, yesterday we looked at editing your podcast.  Today we’re going to look at you can improve that sound even more in your DAW/Audio editor. The aim is for your podcast to sound as much as a regular radio show as possible.  First off, let’s deal with audio quality.  If you’re going to be recording in the field then you’re going to make sure you ‘sweeten’ your audio to help things sit right in the mix.  try these tips.


The people being recorded on your podcast may speak at different volumes or be at different distances from the mic.  Use a 10:1 compressor over the mix, a low threshold and a high make us gain to help even things out.


Different environments will impact upon the speech quality being recorded.  Try using a high pass filter up to 200 Hz to filter out any low end rumble from rooms, use a high shelf EQ to boost intelligibility of speech and experiment with cuts or boosts in the mids to see if EQ in that range improves the overall room sound.


Jingle Intros and Outros

Pro podcasts are similar to radio shows in that they use intros and outros for their shows.  You could use one of your own tracks, an instrumental version of one or your own tracks or for a bit of pizzaz you could get someone to make a jingle for you.  How cool is that! It isn’t as expensive as you’d think either, check out these links below.


Fiverr has a lot of people providing jingle services.

Fiverr has a lot of people providing jingle services.

Podcast Artwork

You’ll need some custom artwork (minimum 1400 x 1400) to accompany your audio.  This website has some great tips to help you create that artwork


As you can see, a bold striking image will help your podcast stand out from the crown.

A bold striking image will help your podcast stand out from the crowd.

Tomorrow we’ll look at cheap hosting options for your podcast.

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