Podcasting For Musicians Part 7 – Top 10 Podcast Content Ideas

In the past six posts we’ve told you how to record, edit and host a podcast to help promote you and your music.  But what should you talk about in your podcast?  

You'll need to think of good content ideas to keep people tuning in to your podcast.

You’ll need to think of good content ideas to keep people tuning in to your podcast.

Here are some great topic and content suggestions:

  • List your gigs.
  • News.  Talk about all that is happening in your world.
  • Dissect the writing of a song.  Talk about the lyrics, the inspiration for the song or facts about the recording process.
  • Reflect and talk about a recent gig/festival/event.  Discuss the good and the bad points.
  • Fan questions. Popular one this.  Invite questions from fans on social media and answer them on the podcast.  Make sure you answer ones that are entertaining to listen to.  I once heard a band podcast where one of the questions asked was “What’s your favourite soup?”.  Oh dear.
  • Get the members of the band to interview/quiz each other. A good option if your fans can’t think of any good questions.
  • Interview the people you meet on the road.  These could be sound engineers, other bands, promoters, recording engineers, music promoters, the person who works in the box office, the bouncer! Everyone has an interesting tale to tell and they’ll probably enjoy telling it to you.
  • Trail new songs.  One way to get people to listen to it, is to give them ‘sneak peaks’ of your new stuff.
  • Record exclusive acoustic versions of songs especially for the podcast.
  • You can also ask your fans what they’d like to hear on your podcast.  Chances are they might want something you’d have never thought of yourself.

Your Podcast Doesn’t Even Need To Be About You

If you’d rather not shine the light on yourself, there’s nothing to say your podcast has to be about you.  Here are two ideas for podcasts which you can produce but which won’t necessarily be exclusively about you and your music.

  • A podcast dedicated to discussing all aspects of your genre of music (metal, indie, rock, folk etc.).
  • Your local/regional music scene.

Your podcasts therefore becomes more of a medium of discovery for yourself and your music.    As an example, here’s a podcast from ukulele group Chonkinfeckle.  Their
4,3 2,1 Podcast highlights other ukulele artists and in doing so also shines a light on themselves..  


The last post of this podcast series will focus on presentation tips!

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