A Musician’s Guide To Snapchat

Snapchat is a social platform/app which is rising in in popularity.  Its main userbase is 13-25 year olds (70% female) so if this also co-incides with your fan demographics, Snapchat is a platform you should investigate to help promote your music.


The Basics

Snapchat is a messaging application (like WhatsApp) where ‘Snaps’ (photos, videos, text and drawings) are sent to a controlled list of recipients.  Snaps self destruct after viewing (or after a period of time) so Snapchat isn’t about amassing an archive of messages, users share messages about ‘being in the moment’, how they’re feeling ‘here and now’.

Snaps have an intimate, ‘secret’ feel and are deemed by users as a being a lot more personal than other corporate marketing messages.


Uses For Snapchat

Video ‘Diary’ entries

These are great for explaining your current thoughts, feelings etc. and are a good way of building a greater connection with your fans.  Snapchat videos are by default 10 seconds long.  ‘My Story’ is your personal timeline which lists your snaps taken in the last 24 hours for people to view.

Previewing new clips

You can preview songs you are working on, tease new videos.  You can do this repeatedly as your fans won’t have means to record them.

Make an announcement

New tour?  New single dropping?  Snapchat could be the place to do it.



  • Keep the camera vertical (pointing upwards).
  • You can run audio apps such as Spotify in the background whilst recording a video. Your music will be recorded with the video so it’s a good way to share your music.  You can get your fans to share your music in this way too!

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