Simple Ways To Engage Your Fans On Twitter

If you’re tweeting and not getting much  in the way of a response from your followers you maybe need to step up and find ways of increasing the engagement with your fans.  Shayala Price at the Social Media Examiner website has come up with some good ways to engage your Twitter followers and get them closer to you. I’ve adapted some of the points to make them more relevant to music makers like yourself.

Personal Interaction

Follow your fans and interact with them passing comments on their best tweets.   If you’re seen to be bothered about them, they’ll be bothered about you!


Share Their Tweets

Again, retweeting fan tweets (that aren’t about you!) shows that you value their thoughts  bringing them closer to you.


Create A Hashtag

To create a sense of community and ‘togetherness’ on Twitter, find a way to rally your fans with a hashtag. It could be #ReadyForTheShow or #WaitingForTheNewSingle or whatever.

Teen bands are great at doing this.  Almost every day you’ll see the fans celebrating band birthdays, getting excited about video premieres, new music, shows etc.  Don’t forget you are the ‘head’ of your fan ‘tribe’.  Do everything you can to rally your troops.


Share Content That Emphasises Your Brand Values

Whether you are a rock band living the party lifestyle or a sincere singer songwriter concerned about environmental issues the best way to put these across is by sharing articles and content which reinforces your thoughts and values.


Run A Competition

Everybody likes free stuff.  Run a contest to thank fans simply for being fans!


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