Musicians: Are You Struggling To Get A Response On Social Media?

Musicians, answer me this.  Do you ever feel like you are talking to nobody on social media? Do you find that your messages are sent out into the void with very little in the way of engagement or interaction from your followers?


A lot of musician’s posts on social media go unanswered.

One of your main aims on social media is to engage with your audience and strike up a conversation with them in order to make them more interested in what you are doing.  If you’re talking and getting no response however, you might need to change the content of your messages. You’ll find that you’ll get a better response from your social media audience when you start to listen to them and here’s the best way to do that.


By listening to your audience you can get a better idea about what makes them ‘tick’.

Follow back some of your followers on Twitter/Instagram etc and have a good read of their posts over a period of time to see what your average fan likes talking about on social media. What topics occupy their Tweets? What music/TV shows/films are they into?  Is it sport? Politics?  Funny stuff? By analysing the contents of their posts you’ll begin to get an overview of your audience and what makes them ‘tick’.

Takeaway Tip

The more you talk to your audience about THEIR interests in your posts, the more likely you are to get a response

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