The Best Way To Get People To Your Gig? It’s Video

One of the hardest jobs that DIY artists have is getting people to their gigs, especially people who have never seen you play before.  Imagine someone invited you watch a film which didn’t have any big named actors in it, they couldn’t quite tell you the story and you couldn’t watch a trailer beforehand.  You’d be a little unsure of watching it wouldn’t you? Well that’s EXACTLY the situation a lot of your audience will find themselves in.  So what is the best way to entice people to your live events?  Well, plain and simply it’s video.


Filming gigs is a GOOD thing for the artist!

As I continually state on this blog, video is your killer marketing tool and the best way to entice people to your live events is showing them video footage of you performing as ‘evidence’ of what they are going to get.


If you’re playing a good venue or you anticipate a good crowd (at a festival say), make sure you have the capability to take some footage of your set. This could mean taking someone along whose job it is to film your performance. You can start with just a smartphone (make sure the audio is up to scratch) and if necessary work up to using a DSLR. In addition, if someone posts some good footage of you performing online, ask permission to upload it on your own social network. They’ll normally say yes.


Takeaway Tip:

Post lots of live video footage on your social networks to entice people to your shows.

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