A Musician’s Guide To Branding: Part 3 – Personality

In our last blog post we looked at how the visual aspect of your music contributes to your branding.  Today we’re looking at how your personality will help you create a brand and assist with your overall music marketing efforts.  Let’s get started.

Brand Personality

You might not realise it, but most consumer brands (the branded items that you buy each and every day) have human characteristics attributed to them by their marketing people.  The idea is that by giving a product a set of characteristics, people with those same characteristics will have a greater affinity for that item.


People will be able to relate to and identify with that brand because they feel that brand “is just like me”.

These personality traits could be

Happy / Angry / Rebellious / Maverick / Serious / Sexy / Down To Earth / Introvert / Extrovert / Aggressive / Gangsta / Funny / Excitable / Party Starter / Kooky

Beer brands are perfect examples of this.  Here are some examples


Brewdog is marketed as a brand with attitude.  It’s a beer for rebels, for people with a disregard for authority.

maxresdefault.jpgCarlsberg has a funny, witty ‘jack the lad’ personality.  One of the boys.


Stella Artois’ personality is that of a sophisticated, cultured European.  It’s is a brand which reflects and respects history and tradition.

Ultimately, people like brands and musical artists not only for the music or products they make but also in part because those brands mirror “someone who I am”, “someone who I respect” or “someone who I aspire to be”.   You want your general audience to have a greater affinity towards you because of the fact that your personality matches theirs.  By being able to see their personality in yourself they become bigger fans.

Expressing Your Personality – Social Media

The best and easiest way to express your personality is through your social media channels. The posts, videos and blog entries you create and the content you share should act as continual reminders to people.


Social media channels are the easiest place to show people your personaility.

If your personality is that of a ‘party starter’ there should be lots of images of you rocking it out in the band, having a blast when you are ‘out on the town’, you should be sharing memes which look forward to and then celebrate the weekend. You should be creating playlists of the biggest weekend party  tunes to show people what gets you fired up etc.


If you’re a party starter, your social-onlife life should reflect that.

A folk artist with a more introverted and reflective personality might write longer blog posts about the art that influences them, might share more news articles about culture and arts and share songs which inspires their own muse.

Expressing Your Personality – Photography

Does your band photography reflect your personality?  Is your character visible in your band/artist images?

No title

This photo reflects the personalities of the participants.

Take Away Tips

  • Define your personality and exaggerate it so it is plain for all to see.
  • Use your social media channels to create and share content which highlights this personality.

Next time we’ll look at how personal ‘values’ are important for branding.

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