A Great Way To Get Other Bands To Market YOUR Music

If you’re a gigging band or artist, you’re probably in a scenario of being on a bill with several other artists at every gig you play.  Everybody turns up, you do the gig and normally that’s about that.  Well, here’s a killer idea to not only document the night but also get the other bands on the bill to introduce you to their audience.  Here’s how you do it.


Film a mini documentary of the night, using nothing more fancy that your phone. Your film should show people what it’s like being a band/musician on a night like this. Document your journey to the venue, soundcheck, and your set etc. But in addition, shoot footage of the performances of the other acts on the bill.  In addition interview them as before and after their spots.

Edit all this footage together in a snappy fashion, don’t make it any longer than 3-5 minutes and make sure the other artists on the bill get a good amount of time within the video.  You then put the video on YouTube, on your socials etc and when promoting it, you make sure you notify and tag the other artists featured.


The point of this exercise is that by including including other artists those acts will share this content to THEIR fans as they are in the video.  This helps bring YOUR music and YOUR content to the attention of a whole new audience. If you’re regularly playing with different bands each and every weekend, this could be one of the best ways of introducing a whole load of music fans to your world.


Try it and see how you get on!

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