Here’s Why Your Music Artwork Still Matters

With the move to digital and streaming the priority of music artwork has somewhat diminished but it is still something you shouldn’t overlook.


Music artwork is still important, in the UK they’ve even put it on stamps!

A recent article from Hypebot lists the reasons why your music artwork should still have top priority.  Here are my top three reasons:

Your Music Artwork Displays Your Band Identity

Music artwork could well be your first opportunity to show people your attitude, to give them an indication of your ‘style’, what you stand for etc.  All these things should be represented digitally in your music artwork showing a potential listener ‘what is on offer’.


Poor Artwork = Poor Music?

If you haven’t taken care over  the ‘packaging’ of your music, people will assume that the  music that follows will be of a similar ‘amateur quality’.


Grab Their Attention

It’s your first point of contact so make an impression. Make people stop in their tracks. If you can get their attention then you have already overcome the hardest part of music marketing!


Read the article in full here.

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