What Blade Runner Can Teach You About Marketing Your Music

Have you seen Blade Runner 2049 yet?   It’s a serious sci-fi epic which uses stunning visuals, great set design and an unrushed pace to create a stunning futuristic world for its characters to inhabit.  This practice of ‘world building’ is something which is overlooked by most DIY musicians.


Blade Runner succeeded in creating a futuristic world.

Your music marketing should set about ‘building your own world’, a world which yourselves and your fans inhabit. Your website, your social media posts, your superfan Facebook groups…these are all places where people can have fun, express themselves and their beliefs.  It is also of course a place to showcase your music and your creativity.

By continually creating and posting content you set about ‘building your world’.


The Architect created a world in The Matrix. Think about how you can create your own online world for your fans.

That virtual world can of course transfer into the real world when the community might assemble to watch you at a live show for example.

So, if you ever get a little bored of the daily grind of your social media activities, try and think of the bigger picture and the ‘world’ you are setting out to create.  It certainly won’t happen overnight  It will take time and a lot of effort but the rewards can be tremendous.  Are you willing to put the work in?

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