MUSICIANS: Make Sure Your Social Media Content Has A Purpose

I read an interesting article last week from broadcasting coach Nails Mahoney on the topic of there being ‘too much content’ on social media. In summary: there are too many people creating too many posts that nobody cares about.


Are you guilty of posting too much stuff??

As a DIY musician, do you think you post too much irrelevant content?  How do you even KNOW if your content is irrelevant ?


I was a lecturer for many years and the sessions I taught always had intended learning outcome.  By the end of a session or activity some knowledge or skill was to be acquired.  There was therefore a relevance and intended aim for every activity.

Perhaps we should therefore adopt a similar ‘outcome’ approach when it comes to our social content


Perhaps your social content should have an intended ‘outcome’?

When the BBC was founded in the 1920s its aim was to ‘inform, educate and entertain’. I think that these three outcomes are a good guide to adhere to when you set out to post or create content.  If it informs, that’s good.  If it entertains, great.  If it informs AND entertains…you’re onto a winner.

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Perhaps these should be your keywords when creating content for social media.

Rather than creating irrelevant content which people are likely to ignore, think about the outcome that you’d like your fan to have. Then create something to achieve that outcome that will help inform, educate or entertain in the process.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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