How To Broadcast Pre-Recorded Video ‘As Live’ On Facebook

Despite recent algorithm changes, going live on facebook is still one of the best ways to get reach on the platform.  Broadcasting live can generate up to six times as many comments as normal video and as we know comments give you reach.  But what happens if you can’t broadcast at the times when you have peak audience or you can’t broadcast because of poor signal? OBS could well be the answer.


Open Broadcast Software (OBS) is a free open source software package for live streaming but it’s best feature allows you to take existing video (or videos) from your hard drive and broadcast them ‘as live’ on Facebook (and other platforms).  That means you can stream an existing video on your hard drive as ‘live’.

In doing so, your Facebook followers will get a notification you are live and you should see a dramatic improvement in reach over a simple video ‘upload’.  Its free and easy to use, I’ve used it a couple of times with good results, make sure your video is long enough so that it can accumulate a large enough audience.


OBS, it’s free and it’s great!

Download OBS for yourself here

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