There’s No Excuses For Not Making A Music Video In 2018

So you’re a DIY artist and you’ve released your latest track. It could be just up on Soundcloud or you could have used an aggregator so that it’s available on streaming and download platforms.  Question coming up….have you created a video for it? I’m guessing lots of you won’t have.


How many DIY musicians create music videos for all their releases. Not many!

“Videos cost money and I haven’t got any!” I hear some of you cry.  Well, check out the lastest video for the song ‘Life Forms’ by one of my favourite artists Turin Brakes.

The song comes from their recently released album which reached the UK Top 40 just a couple of weeks ago.  The video was shot an manipulated using just an iPhone. Just a smartphone..I’m guessing you’ve probably got a smartphone right?  You can make a music video!


Got a phone? You can make a video for your next song.

Get someone to film you with a phone at one of your shows and get editing. Film each other whilst you’re recording your next song in the studio.  Think think of a wild and crazy idea and get filming, you don’t even have to feature in it.  You can use free library stock footage downloaded from the Internet…there are even free video editors (check out Hitfilm Express).


Hitfilm Express…a free video editor.

The barrier to entry for video production is virtually zero in 2018, there are simply no excuses anymore. The only reason for not creating a music video is that you lack the effort to make one and with that attitude you have to question the likelihood of success in your overall music career!

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