Have You Got The New Facebook Video Uploader Yet?

Have You Got The New Facebook Video Uploader Yet? I spotted it yesterday when uploading a video for one of the accounts I manage.  It looks a little different (that’s how you’ll know if you’ve got it).


Here’s how the new video uploader looks.

The main features in the new version are:

  • You can choose any frame for your video thumbnail. No more you you just have the option of using one of 10 pre-selected frames…finally!
  • Video tags are much easier to add and seem to work a whole lot like YouTube.  This should hopefully help video discovery
  • You can upload as a secret video so only people who have the link can view (think YouTube unlisted video). You could maybe use this as a way of giving your superfans access to video before your general audience.

I’m assuming it’s going to start rolling out with everyone soon…keep an eye out for it.

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