Video Content Ideas For DIY Musicians

Video content is one of your best forms of music marketing. Video engages and can be used to keep your fans ‘warm’ especially as your supply of studio recorded music is finite.  Better still you can record videos using nothing more than the camera on your phone.

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Here are some examples of video content you can create for your YouTube channel or your social media pages:

  • Tutorials for how to play your songs. Don’t forget you can do this with multiple instruments as well.
  • Video blogs (video newsletters).  Keep people up to date with your comings and goings.
  • Interviews.  Get footage of people interviewing you, members of the band interviewing each other or maybe even you interviewing other bands or musicians.
  • ‘Making of’ videos. Get behind the scenes footage whenever you are in the studio/rehearsal room etc.
  • Tour footage.  Backstage, on the road….let your audience see what happens when you’re out and about.
  • Live/acoustic versions of your songs.
  • Busking and other ‘street’ performances.
  • Anything about your interests. If you’re a fan of a TV show, sports team or even peanut butter start your own video blog series.  We’ll talk more about this type of content soon.

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