What A Comedian Can Teach You About Marketing Your Music

Stuart Goldsmith is a stand up comedied who loves his craft so much that in 2012 he started a podcast, The Comedian’s Comedian where he interviews fellow stand ups about their careers, creative process and inspirations.


The talented Stuart Goldsmith.

The show gives the listener an entertaining and insightful look into the world of stand up comedians and it is regularly lauded as one of the best podcasts in the UK.


Why am I telling you all this? Well, this is a successful example of content marketing. Content marketing involves creating stuff so people get to know, like and trust you in the hope that they will eventually make people buy stuff from you.  

Whilst the show isn’t about himself, it has helped Stuart increase his public profile to the extent that he now tours nationally. In addition he was the support act for another comedian on some arena shows last year and and he’s just recorded the TV pilot of his own comedy show. Not bad eh, just from a podcast.

Stuart’s show has even become a source of revenue.  Whilst he gives the show away as a free podcast he runs an “Insiders Club” where superfans can pay upwards of £2 per month to receive lots of of extra content (and yes, I’m one of them!)


So, creating content around your passions and your interests can create an audience which you can use to publicise your own work at a later date.  What are your (your band’s) interests and passions? If you are a blues band you could create your own blues podcast reviewing the best new releases and chatting to blues musicians. You could create your own YouTube channel/show about the local music scene. If you’re into a particular TV show you could create content around that, the possibilities are endless.

Takeaway Tip

If you create content based on your passions and interests you can create an audience which would also be interested in your musical work. You can then leverage that audience at a later stage.

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