Get Your Music In Front Of A New Audience With YouTube Music Channels

When you’re looking to get your music in front of a new audience all the talk seems to be around playlists, and Spotify playlists in particular.  There is however another promotional avenue you can try and thats and that’s YouTube Music Channels. These channels normally concentrate on one genre of music (trap, country, indie etc) and are curated by tastemakers who upload their favourite new music to their channel, with the owner’s permission of course.

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The idea is that these channels through their channel subscribers have an existing audience.  As a music fan, by following the channel you can be introduced to a whole host of music music. As an artist, by submitting to the channel you can get your music in front of a whole new audience. You have to bear in mind however that as the video is hosted on another channel you won’t get the streams added to your own channel’s playcount.

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The best way to search for channels to submit to is the YouTube search bar.  Search for your genre of music i.e. ‘indie music channel’ or ‘indie music channel 2018’.  Look at the about info in the channel description or on individual videos (such as the info below) for the contact email and send an email with a forthcoming song you’d like to submit .

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Make sure when you approach a channel that the music you want to submit is a good fit to their ‘music policy’.

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