Creating Shareable Live Moments At Your Shows

I went to see UK stadium rave outfit The Prodigy last week and they put on a show that did not disappoint.  I posted this clip of one of their final songs on my band’s social media accounts extolling the virtues of their live experience because I’d had such a good time.

I was so impressed at their live performance, by posting that video online I’d become a brand ambassador.  This scenario is something all DIY musicians should be aiming for, creating live ‘moments’ that people will want to capture and share with their friends thus ensuring your music and you as an artist gets a wider audience.


Are there moments within your live set that make people go ‘wow’?   Are there moments in your set that involve some sort of spectacle that just needs to be recorded?  This doesn’t have to be a fancy lights show, it could be a fantastic drum/guitar solo, acrobatics from the bass player or the audience taking part in a mass singalong.

Your job is to facilitate and create these show stopping moments in your set so people will not only want to record them, they will want to voluntarily share them thus spreading your message.

At your live shows encourage your audience to share the photos and videos that they’ve taken during your set “because I’d love to see them later”.  You can even cut out the middleman and make sure these moments are filmed by yourself or one of your ‘team’ (this could be your best friend at the side of the stage!) and posted on your own socials.

1) Create ‘moments’
2) Encourage your audience to capture and share them or do so yourself.

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