Storytelling For Musicians: Continuing Your Story With Social Media

So far in our series we’ve had a look at crafting a backstory as well as how you can storytell to ‘sell’ yourself or your music. Today we’ll look at how DIY musicians can continue to tell their story each and every day.

Without you possibly realising it, each and every day is another page of your story. Everyday you ‘add’ to your existing story, informing your audience of the things that are happening to you through the medium of your social media channels.


We’re all familiar with the concept of reality TV shows, right?  Well, by using video on your preferred platform you show people your day to day activities as a musician, becoming your own reality TV show in the process! Each new day is another ‘episode’ and another opportunity to record and broadcast your daily successes and challenges.


Instagram stories and Snapchat ‘snaps’ are another great way to tell your continuing story.  I like to think of them as comic book ‘frames’, frozen moments in time which when sequenced in a linear fashion tell a short story.

Use them to show people what happens on the day of a show: travelling in the van, load in, soundcheck, backstage eats, pictures of the other bands on the bill, the crowd when you are onstage right the way through to being back at the digs or back at home.
Takeaway Tips

Don’t ever be afraid to show people your struggles, reality shows reply on jeopardy to maintain an audience’s interest! If everything looks rosy in your garden you might up telling a boring story.

Remember that good stories have a minimum of three acts which roughly equate as follows: set up –  challenge – overcoming the challenge.  Don’t start a story without finishing it!

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