Continuing Content For Musicians

I’m seeing the phrase continuing content bandied about more and more when talking about marketing music.  You can only deliver so much new music so how do you keep your audience entertained without it?  What could be better than to engage and entertain your audience with a continuing ‘series’ of one form or another.


Here are some suggestions of the types of content you could create:

Podcast – Creating a podcast is easy and distribution is now easier than ever (we distribute our 30MMM podcast for free using Anchor FM).  Create a podcast about you and your music or one about your interests (cats, craft beer, football…whatever you’re into)

Live broadcast – Go live on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  The format is up to you: you could perform, talk about your interests or do a band news & Q & A show.

Radio Show – Use Mixcloud to put together your own radio show around your favourite music.

YouTube show – Again you could create a show around your music or your interests.  My band currently has a monthly YouTube show which collates our older music videos together with unseen live performances and unseen material.

The idea is that in the same way you look forward to your favourite podcast or TV show every week, your audience can look forward to YOUR show in the same fashion. Publish regularly at the same time (i.e. every Monday night) and you will become a regular ‘appointment’ in their lives.

Keep the mantra know – like – trust uppermost in your mind.  The more content you give your audience on a regular basis, the more they’ll like you and the more they like you the more they’ll trust you.  With trust comes a willingness to actively want to buy things from you.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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