Why Music Blogs And Other Gatekeepers Have Lost Their Power

It was announced last week that the popular UK music blog Drowned In Sound was to close.  Whilst the factors behind such a closure are always myriad, one of the main reasons is that music blogs are no longer the essential reading they once were.


The Drowned In Sound music blog is closing.

Music discovery used to happen solely through the music press, radio, and music blogs. Music fans used to have to subscribe or engage with these gatekeepers to keep up with musical trends and happenings.  The musicians has always been that if these tastemakers didn’t like you then you could never find your audience.

In 2019, the power and influence of blogs has greatly diminished.  Music discovery can be attributed to not only to the traditional gatekeepers but will more than likely happen through social sharing, as well as playlists (both algorithmic and curated) and the use of paid traffic (ads).  Put simply, musicians and the music fans they serve no longer need the gatekeepers as much and we as musicians are no longer beholden to them. And that’s a good thing!

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Gatekeepers no longer have the power they once had.

Looking forward you can finally take control of your musical career without the fear of tastemakers blocking the way.  Bypass the gatekeepers and go direct to your audience.

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