Facebook’s Latest Changes (And How They Affect Musicians)

For all it’s recent and very publicised issues, Facebook still has a massive (growing) monthly user base is is now doubling down and changing how it delivers content to its users. Here’s an overview of the changes that have been announced this week and how they impact musicians.


Facebook now has a different shade of blue!



More emphasis is being placed on groups with their own tab which will show users content from groups they belong to. Groups are also going to be pushed algorithmically (i.e. you’re in this group, would you be interested in THIS group?) which could mean more traffic to a your group if you run one.

Facebook Events

Events are going to be more prominent with events getting their own tab.   Users are now going to be shown more events that are happening in their area.

Instagram Likes

These are being downgraded, and in the future might possibly be removed.  This will remove the pressure for likes and what are essentially vanity metrics.
If you update your mobile Facebook app, you’ll see some of these changes right away.

So, is a Facebook group now going to be an essential companion to your Facebook music page?  I’ve always resisted creating a Facebook group for my music (who needs the extra work eh!) but this week might just be the week I create one.  I’ll keep you posted!

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