Does Your Music Career Lack Momentum?

If you’re wondering why you aren’t progressing as a DIY artist maybe your career lacks momentum?

The ideal scenario for all musicians should be as follows: You release new music and have a marketing plan and budget so that you can introduce that music to a new audience.  Your audience grows in the process and just as activity around your latest release starts to fade you release another piece of music, again with an appropriate marketing plan and budget.

Continually capitalising on the activity and growth around your music creates a ‘snowball’ effect. Constant activity helps feed and multiply the growth.

Snow ball

Snow ball slides downhill and speeds up.

Being on tour and regularly gigging is another way to keep that momentum going.

Most DIY musicians lack the ability to maintain this level of activity. Everything they do is ‘stop and start’ and as a result they lack momentum which results in little growth.

If you feel you might be lacking momentum, why not get your diary out and plan out the next 12 months in terms of official music releases.  Pledge to release a single every 12 weeks, craft a marketing plan for each release and allocate a marketing budget. Pledge to upload an acoustic cover every fortnight.  Pledge to go live and talk to your audience every week.

Takeaway Tip

The moment you stop, your career stops.

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