Tools To Help You Get Better At Instagram Hashtags

We’re all looking to get discovered more on Instagram, right?  Hashtags are supposed to be one of the best ways of doing that but how can we get better as using them?

pic1_origSites like All Hashtag are useful in that they provide alternative hashtag suggestions from a supplied hashtag (giving you more chances of being discovered) but here’s another website for you to try as well.

Smarthash will analyse the hashtags in your recent Instagram posts and ‘grade’ them as to their popularity/usefulness in discovery.  Red = good, amber = ok and grey = meh. With this information you can ditch the ones that don’t work and experiment with new ones to see how they fare.

pic1_orig (1)

You can also split test a group of hashtags to see which perform better.

Why not give it a whirl!

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