How Stories Around Your Music Get You Noticed

Take a look at these two news stories reporting recent releases from from Frank Turner and Bat For Lashes.


The concepts of both releases are centred around unusual themes and stories which has helped them get extra coverage in the media. You have to remember that we live in a world where it’s hard to get noticed.  If you release a new single or a new album the response could well be ‘why should anybody care?’. If your release has a theme or compelling story behind it then not only are your fans more likely to pay attention but also the music media or press are more likely to pay attention also.

It’s fair to say that you stand a better chance of catching somebody’s attention if there is a story behind your release or a special theme.  I’m not saying every release has to be thematic, but our music nearly always comes as a reaction to our own experiences. You should always make sure those experiences or ‘stories’ are front and centre of your marketing and promo!

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