15 Topics Of Conversation For Your Band Newsletters

15 Topics Of Conversation For Your Band Newsletters

I’m keen for all DIY musicians to still use email but your fan newsletters shouldn’t just consist of you plugging your new music and gigs.  That’s boring and you’ll quickly turn people off. You also should use your mailouts as a way to talk in a meaningful way to your audience.


Here are 15 content suggestions for your band newsletters:

  • Describe the best gig you ever played.
  • Describe the worst gig you ever played (be discreet with details if necessary!).
  • Give the background to your biggest/most emotional song.
  • Talk about travelling and being ‘on the road as a music’.
  • Give people your personal thoughts about a current music industry topic that is in the news. Tell people how this topic might affect YOU.
  • Talk about how you got your band name or how album titles came about.
  • Talk about your future music goals and what your idea of success is.
  • If you play festivals, talk about the differences between playing a normal ‘gig/show’ and a festival.
  • Talk about the things you know now that you didn’t know when you were starting out.  What advice would you pass on to your younger self (or younger musicians).
  • Talk about your future musical directions.
  • Talk about how or why you became a musician in the first place.  Who influenced you?
  • Talk about your creative process…how you go about writing one of your songs.
  • Talk about your current favourite ‘thing’ be it a book, tv show, album or film.  Why does it rock your world?
  • Why do you play the instrument you play? Do you come from a musical family?
  • Talk about the difficulties in being a DIY musician.  How do you juggle all your commitments?

If you don’t fancy writing, you could even film a little video instead and include this in your email…or even put that video on your socials.

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