SubmitHub – Is It Worth It?

Most musicians want to increase exposure and consumption of their music but tracking down the curators of playlists that can help them achieve that can be a time consuming process.

SubmitHub is a service that allows bands and artists to submit their music (for a fee) to music curators for the possible inclusion on Spotify playlists, blog reviews etc. But does it work and is it worth it?


A blog reader recently got in touch to tell me about his experiences of SubmitHub.

He spent £21.65 which bought him 30 SubmitHub credits. Depending on the size of the playlist, it costs 1 to 3 credits per playlist/blog submission.

For the spend, placement was successful on two 5K follower playlists and a couple with 750 followers or so. This action pushed the Spotify plays of the song from from 500 plays to 2000. He comments “not much in the grand scheme, but I guess it’s a start.”

Our reader comments that the song he submitted builds slowly and upon reflection a shorter intro may have achieved better success.

It seems like if you have the material Submithub can work.  As for the value for money it provides, I think it’s like Facebook advertising; its value and relative success may well be directly proportional to the ‘perceived quality’ of the song by the curator you are submitting to.