Accountability For Your Music Marketing

If you have a day job, you’ll have a boss who will give you tasks and hold you accountable for the marketing work you do or don’t do.  But when it comes you your DIY music career, we generally have no one who fulfills that role. As a result, with no accountability we can often let jobs slide, things never get done and you never progress.


Do you have someone who can hold you to account?

So how can you build in accountability into your DIY music career?  If you’re in a band you can appoint one member as the person whose job it is to see that tasks are completed on time.  Is there a fellow musician that you know well and you can be each other’s accountability partner? You can check in with each other once a fortnight to see what has and hasn’t been done.

At the very least you should be using a ‘to do’ list with dates for completion/actioning and holding yourself to that.

Finding a way to build accountability into your marketing activities will make sure more of your marketing and your other music activities get done in a timely fashion!

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