Tips For Getting National Radio Play

At a recent BBC Music Introducing Live event, Radio 1 (the UK’s third largest radio station) offered tips to DIY artists as to how to get their music played on the station.


Their advice included the following tips:

Be Specific

Identify and target the specialist show that suits you best. Don’t just go sending it to anybody at the station.

Be Pushing Boundaries

You’ll be more likely to be played if you are ‘shaping or shifting culture’.

Be Bold



It’s got to jump out from the rest of the music out there, “it’s got to grab us”

Be More Than The Music

You need to build a world around your sound with strong visuals, artwork and video.


A lot of these tips are themes we regularly cover on 60SMM: the need to differentiate to grab attention as well as the need to have a strong brand around your music. 

The station also advises artists to have a team around them: management, PR and pluggers.  What this indicates is that many aspects of radio are still operating under ‘old rules’ requiring music to be filtered and packaged by or presented to them by the existing ‘system’. 

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