Some Takeaways For Musicians In The Current Crisis

Some thoughts relating to the current situation we all find ourselves in right now.


It’s great to see so many musicians finally embrace live streaming.  It’s taken something major for them to do it, but from what I’ve seen on my own feed it really has had a positive effect on both them and their audience.

Remember this: You will never have a more captive audience than you have at the moment.  I did a live streaming broadcast last night and at its peak it had three times as many viewers as my most popular stream.  People are indoors, they are by their devices and they are looking for a distraction. You can be that distraction.

Don’t think you’re restricted to just live streaming music, you can stream whatever your audience will find interesting.  This could be song tutorials, Q & A, cooking…anything.

Ad costs seem to be lower as less people are pushing their wares so if you do have some money to spend to make people aware of yourself and your music, you’ll find you presently can reach more people for less. 

Use this downtime to educate yourself more.  Stay safe and let’s get through this.