60 Second Music Marketing – Your Daily One Minute Missive Has Begun

Greetings, my name is Sheldon and this is 60 Second Music Marketing.  It’s a blog designed for independent musicians and bands to help them improve their marketing techniques hopefully getting them more Facebook likes, more Twitter followers but more importantly more sales of their music and more people at their gigs.

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The thing about marketing is most musicians are either not very good at it, don’t want to do it or both.  The trouble is that, and I’m going to have to capitalise this, IF YOU DON’T MARKET YOURSELF PROPERLY YOUR MUSIC COULD BE THE BEST IN THE WORLD BUT VERY FEW PEOPLE MAY GET TO HEAR IT.

I’m going to give you daily bite sized tips which incrementally will add up to your own personal arsenal of marketing ammunition.  I’m based in the UK so some of the information may have a UK slant but most of it should be. We’ll have a look at examples of marketing good and bad and I’ll be giving you the benefit of some of the practices I’ve been undertaking myself as an independent musician.

We’re going to have some fun!

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