Social Media: Stop shouting and start talking

sales market

Have a look at your Facebook and Twitter posts.  Do they read a little like this?

Please buy my new CD.

I’m gigging this Saturday, please come.

There’s a new t-shirt on the way…please buy it.

There’s two ways you can look at this.  You’re a shouting salesperson on a market stall just barking information in one direction only or even worse you sound just a little ‘needy’ (insert overly attached girlfriend meme here).

attatched A lot of bands and artists make the mistake thinking social media is merely a way for them to tell their fans about themselves.  The hardcore of your fanbase might want this but the more casual fans will think ‘listen sonny, it’s not all about you’.  Imagine you’re at a party and someone comes up to you and all they tell you is about themselves, not cool.  Social media is just that, social. You are meant to engage in a two way conversation with people. That doesn’t mean every second tweet should be “What are you having for breakfast?”.  You need to entertain, inform and engage. Do you know how to do this?

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