60 Second Music Marketing Book Of The Month Club: The Manual – How To Have A Number 1 The Easy Way

Every month I’ll be recommending a book for you all to read and digest to improve your knowledge of music marketing and the music industry.  The first is a classic from messrs Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, aka The KLF ‘The Manual: How To Have A Number One The Easy Way’.  

the klf

The KLF in all their splendour

This book claimed that if you were to follow each step as per their instructions you would achieve chart success.  This was revolutionary at the time as knowledge about the workings of the industry was very much a closed shop, you were either on the inside and knew it all or you were on the outside unable to get past the ‘gatekeepers’.  

All that has changed of course, but it’s still a fascinating read nonetheless not just from a historical standpoint. The book breaks down and discusses each part of the journey from the mechanics of writing of a ‘pop hit’ to radio airplay, pluggers etc.  It’s a fascinating read from the perspective of people who are outsiders (just like you) who actually achieved success independently.  Some of the sections are obviously outdated, however some are timeless.  

It’s available to read for nothing on the Internet from the link below.  Enjoy.