Why Do So Few People See Your Facebook Posts?

Are you annoyed that hardly any of your Facebook fans see your posts? This is all down to Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm. Socialbarrel have analysed how the algorithm works and here’s what you need to know:

  • The more your fans engage with your Facebook page on a frequent basis the more likely they are to keep seeing your posts.
  • The more they engage with a type of post (photo/videos) they more likely they are to see them.
  • The more other fans engage with a post the more likely another fan is to see it.

facebook like

In summary:

  • If something is popular, it will goes mini-viral on your page reaching those hard to get to fans…and beyond.
  • Posts with little engagement (perhaps the ones where you are constantly plugging gigs etc) potentially handicap the visibility of future posts.

What have we learned?

By mixing up your Facebook posts with engaging/funny stuff/popular content that people will react to, they are more likely to see your less interesting ‘hard sell’ posts.

The more engaging your posts are in general, the more visible they are. Tomorrow, we’ll look at ways we can generate this engagement.


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