Twitter Launches Twitter Analytics

Twitter has always lagged behind Facebook in terms of the statistical data it produces on your followers/fans…until now!  Twitter has just launched Twitter analytics.  Why is this of use to you? With this enabled on your account you’ll be able to see:

  • Which of your tweets get the most engagement and retweets (so you can keep doing what works).
  • What your follower’s interests are (talk about those topics so you engagement with them more).
  • Who your followers follow (again, you can see who/what interests them and act on it)
  • Where they live (can you arrange gigs in those cities?).
twitter analytics

With Twitter Analyics there’s LOTS of data you can now have access to which will help you fine tune your Twittering.

All VERY useful. The catch?  You have to sign up to run adverts on Twitter.  Don’t worry, you can sign up to run ads, not run them and still have access to the data! The URL to visit?

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