What Is Your Strapline?

If you’re on a bill with three other bands/artists, what does it say on the poster underneath your name?  Rock and roll four piece?  Acoustic singer/songwriter?  That really doesn’t tell people enough about you and the music you make.  You should have something which describes you, your music but also also what you stand for, your personal ethos. In marketing terms this is a ‘strapline’, one sentence which describes the essence of your and your music.   Every film has an accompanying strapline:

Alien – “In space, no one can hear you scream”
I Am Legend “The last man on Earth is not alone”
Superman “You’ll believe a man can fly”

All brands have accompanying straplines.  Why don't bands?

All brands have accompanying straplines. Why don’t bands?

Brands have straplines which do the same thing:

“The car in front is a Toyota”
“The best a man can get” – Gillette
“Good things come to those who wait”

Have a think about what yours could be…then use it in your about/info boxes on Facebook and Twitter.


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