Tweet, Tweet and Tweet Again

Its easy to forget that unlike Facebook which only shows users a limited amount of content, Twitter shows a user all the tweets for the people they follow. That means that if a user follows hundreds or thousands of accounts your important tweet could get lost in this deluge of information.
Don't tweet the important stuff just the once.

Don’t tweet the important stuff just the once.

For important tweets its good practice to tweet the information three times over a 24 hour period (say morning, afternoon and evening?) and then three remaining times over the next 7 days.

You may want to vary the text used just to keep things fresh.  We’ll discuss websites that can do this for you in advance tomorrow.

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  1. Very true. Overload of tweets is something that put me of Twitter for a long while, but thanks to management systems like Hootsuite you can get your head round it.


    • I prefer Buffer simply because of the fact that it posts images directly. Hootsuite posts the image just as an link and you have to lick THAT link to see the image. We all know the effect of friction which is why Buffer is tops for me.

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      • Haven’t used Buffer for ages, might have to revisit it. Hootsuite is far from perfect, no doubt about it, but the key advantage for me are the tabs – they make managing your lists, searches etc. so much easier.


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