Three Ways To Schedule A Tweet

Yesterday we learned how you should re-up important posts on Twitter just so your info has the best chance to being seen.  One of the best ways to do that is to use a ‘scheduling’ app.  Here are three which I have used and recommend.


FutureTweets.  Dead easy.

FutureTweets. Dead easy.

Simple clean interface.  Compose tweet, set the date and time and you’re away. Free to use.




More complex.  Allows you to also save messages as templates, add other social networks and accounts, add images to tweets and get analytics.  Free for basic use.


I like Buffer.

I like Buffer.

Similar to Hootsuite and has one advantage in that when using images it uploads the image directly into the tweet whereas Hootsuite includes just a link to the image which is hosted on an external site.

Give them a try!

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